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The following options are available for giving and/or payments for most church events: 

CASH & CHECKS - Please drop in the offering plate on Sunday or mail to the church. 

ELECTRONICALLY - PLEASE NOTE that checking/savings contributions (ACH) are the most cost effective to the church, so are the preferred method of donation.  To give through your checking/savings account (ACH), use one of the options below or stop in the church office for a hard copy authorization form.

     1) Church Website - You can easily give from our church's website by clicking here.

              *Checking or Savings account (ACH) (preferred) 

               *Credit card or Debit card

     2) Mobile App - Contributions  or payments can be made through our mobile app by downloading the                                       "GivePlus Church" app for either Apple or Android devices.

                 *Checking or Savings account (ACH) (preferred) 

                 *Credit card or Debit card

     3) Text to Give - Contributions can be made by sending a text message to phone number 855-947-0586.  In the                         message, text the amount you would like to contribute, followed by the Fund Code.

                  *Credit card or debit card only     

                   Common Fund Codes for Text to Give:

                   oper = Operating Fund

                   mom = Mission of the Month

                   misc = Misc/Other

                   eeo - Equal Exchange Order 

                  Special Fund Codes for Text to Give: 

                   ymt - Youth Mission Trip

                   gcmt - GCCP Mission Trip                                  5kmh - 5K for Mental Health


    Give safely & confidently!  All electronic transactions are processed by Vanco GivePlus, a PCI Level 1 compliant                 company and the recommended vendor of GCFA (General Council on Finance & Administration) of the United                         Methodist Church.

STOCKS, MUTUAL FUNDS, IRA - The church can accept gifts of stocks, mutual fund shares, or distributions from an IRA account.  For more information, click here.