The following options are available for giving and/or payments for most church events: 

CASH & CHECKS - Please drop in the offering plate on Sunday or mail to the church. 

ELECTRONICALLY - PLEASE NOTE that checking/savings contributions (ACH) are the most cost effective to the church, so are the preferred method of donation.  To give through your checking/savings account (ACH), use one of the options below or stop in the church office for a hard copy authorization form.

     1) Church Website - You can easily give from our church's website by clicking here.

              *Checking or Savings account (ACH) (preferred) 

               *Credit card or Debit card

     2) Mobile App - Contributions  or payments can be made through our mobile app by downloading the                                       "GivePlus Church" app for either Apple or Android devices.

                 *Checking or Savings account (ACH) (preferred) 

                 *Credit card or Debit card

     3) Text to Give - Contributions can be made by sending a text message to phone number 855-947-0586.  In the                         message, text the amount you would like to contribute, followed by the Fund Code.

                  *Credit card or debit card only     

                   Common Fund Codes for Text to Give:

                   oper = Operating Fund

                   mom = Mission of the Month

                   misc = Misc/Other

                   eeo - Equal Exchange Order 

                  Special Fund Codes for Text to Give: 

                   eas - Easter Offering                                       tent - Tent 

                   past - GCCP Pasty Sales                                  golf - GCCP Golf Outing


    Give safely & confidently!  All electronic transactions are processed by Vanco GivePlus, a PCI Level 1 compliant                 company and the recommended vendor of GCFA (General Council on Finance & Administration) of the United                         Methodist Church.

STOCKS, MUTUAL FUNDS, IRA - The church can accept gifts of stocks, mutual fund shares, or distributions from an IRA account.  For more information, click here. 

  Sunday 10:00 am

  • In-Person In the Sanctuary

  • Livestream Worship 


640 S Lafayette St

South Lyon, MI 48178


We welcome, cherish, and celebrate that all persons are created in God’s image.  As a church we honor and worship God, while ministering to and embracing all ages, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic situations, marital status, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, and religious backgrounds or any other label placed upon people.  We are united through Jesus Christ.  We aspire to be a place where all people, through the transforming power of God in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, come together - to care, to pray, and to love God and each other unconditionally.