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The following options are available for giving and/or payments for most church events: 

   CASH & CHECKS - Please drop in the offering plate on Sunday, put in the dropbox at door #4 or mail to the church. 

   ELECTRONICALLY - Electronic gifts may be made from your checking/savings  account (ACH) or using a credit or      debit card. 

     1) Automatic Withdrawal  - Our aGive program is our most cost effective method of giving electronically.                           Participants can sign up in one of two ways. 1.) Complete the authorization form  for the withdrawal and return it  to             the church  office or  the Administrator of Generosity, Lindy Juergens.  To obtain  the form  please click here. 

       2.) Setup your own personal electronic fund transfer from your bank account for our aGive program. To obtain the                 directions click here.  Please contact the  Administrator of Generosity, Lindy Juergens, for assistance. 


     2) Church Website -  Our website program, WebGive, allows our donors to easily give from our church's website by            credit card, debit card or electronic fund  transfer.    Click the button to proceed to our giving page. 




      3)  Mobile App - Contributions  or payments can be made through our mobile app by downloading the                                       "Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement " app for either Apple or Android devices.




   Give safely & confidently!  All electronic giving is  processed by Vanco, a PCI Level 1 compliant  company

      and the recommended vendor of the GCFA (General Council on Finance & Administration) of the United

      Methodist Church.


   Changing Your Recurring Giving - If you are giving through the aGive program, contact the Administrator of   

      Generosity, Lindy Juergens, at the office to change your giving. If you are giving through the church  website, our

       WebGive program, or through our mobile app, Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement, please click here for instructions

       on how to change your giving. 

     STOCKS, MUTUAL FUNDS, IRA - The church can accept gifts of stocks, mutual fund shares, or distributions from 

      an  IRA account.  For more information, click here. 

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